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Board Certified

ASIS (formerly, Amer. Soc. for Industrial Security)

(formerly, American Society for Industrial Security)




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Greater Cleveland Bar Association, Affiliate Member

Cleveland, Ohio




SERVICES FOR GUARD COMPANIES:  NATIONWIDE                                                                                                                                                                                   
Consultant Services, Expert Witness, Guard Company Security Consultant


A Sampling of Areas for Guard Company Consultation:

     I consult with guard companies, and in preface, have you already identified areas in your company where you believe or confidently know that you or your business is vulnerable? At risk? You know it? If so, I can help you fix that, help you to reduce or eliminate your vulnerability in that area, and possibly others you haven't identified. Do you suspect that there are areas in your operations in which you are at risk, but you're not sure? I can help you find those and help to eliminate or reduce your risk. "Things happen." Take a hard look at Recent Guard Cases where I have been the security consultant and expert witness on the case. It is my business to know. Whether you have a small, medium, or large company, I can help you. In addition, please see my credentials. First, here are some questions for you.

  • Are you in full compliance with your state's Guard Requirements for an armed and/or unarmed guard?

  • What is your policy on the use of force? Is it the kind of policy that provides an advantage to you in the worst case situation? Is it crystal clear to all of your guards? How do you ensure that?

  • Security Audit - Major BenefitsHave you had an independent audit or assessment of your business, policies, procedures? Are they up to date, conform to best practices, and the right policies and procedures for your type of operation?

  • What do your marketing materials or actions promise to provide to your clients, and how could this end up in litigation if not done properly?

  • How do you work with your customers/clients to protect yourself and them from unnecessary litigation?

  • Have you had your policies that cover hiring, training, selection, and placement reviewed? Are they in concert with best practices?

  • Who has written your policies and procedures, and what is the source, quality, and currency of the information? If you have "borrowed" policies and procedures from someone or are using "boilerplate," then just stop right now and call me. You're in trouble. 

  • What disciplines and areas are your supervisors or lead officers been trained in regarding employee relations issues? How do you cover these, provide appropriate training, and handle sensitive issues like sexual harassment?

  • Do you have targeted training programs that reflect your clients' business?

  • Have your policies or procedures for promotion been evaluated in light of fairness, and to prevent claims of favoritism or a possible violation of employment law?

  • Are the incentive and rewards programs for your officers working, or are they actually creating periodic problems and hassles?

  • Do you confidently know how to convince, and succeed in convincing, a potential client that low bids are a potential for disaster, and to achieve a solid and profitable contract?

  • Are you missing opportunities associated with the business to provide other services profitably to clients?

  • What is your strategy to retain clients, and is it really working?

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References available and provided to qualified inquiries. Also see additional credentials.


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